Posted by Katherine Todd

    Castle Hearts is a brand that embodies the timeless metaphor hidden in ancient alchemic traditions. Just like a castle protects its innermost sanctums, our brand aims to protect and cherish the magic that resides within each of us - our hearts. We believe that true beauty and power come from the connection to one’s heart and building the castle around it that holds and homes it. Castle Hearts is here to help you unlock the beauty and remember your love and the magic within.


    Our designs are inspired by the collaboration of MAGIC and LOVE…forever. 


    Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or simply relaxing in the castle, our products are designed to make you feel like you’re truly at home wherever you are.

    We aim to create a brand that is both inspiring and imaginative, appealing to the young at heart and those who believe in the power of love,magic and making your fairytales come to life.


    A tale of heroes dreaming, fighting for their freedom, fueled by fantasy and never giving up on finding their love and living happily ever after. After all is that too much to ask…got magic?

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